Disinfecting wipes doesn't wipe everywhere!



Many antiseptic wipes contain alcohol, which dehydrates soft leather and can make leather products look dry and pale if reused. If you must use disinfectant wipes on leather, check the ingredient list to make sure the wipes are alcohol-free. If cleaning is required, use leather wipes.


Paint furniture

Repeated use of alcohol-based disinfecting wipes will make the painted tables and chairs lose their original beauty. This is true for any wooden object in the home, such as a stair railing.


Sealing material surface

Chemicals and acids in antiseptic wipes can erode the polish on the surfaces of sealing materials like marble and granite, and they can make surfaces look dull or even scratch. Cleaning with a special sealant or regular soap and water is more effective.


The whole kitchen

 The whole kitchen If you want to use disinfectant wipes all the way from the gas range to the refrigerator to the microwave to the sink, stop! Disinfecting wipes does not clean large areas. In fact, using disinfecting wipes on multiple items and Spaces can make the bacteria problem worse. So, do not use a single disinfecting wipes to clean more than one item. Instead, use kitchen wipes.

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