Notes for buying baby wipes


Baby wipes can't change color just because the sample tested has a problem, and they won't be used at home anymore. After all, the convenience of wet wipes still has certain advantages. As there is no water outside, wet wipes can also be an emergency.

So what should you pay attention to when buying wet wipes for your baby?


Part 1: Liquid ingredients

1. Pay attention to the ingredients of the wipes, especially the liquid ingredients The solution of baby wipes is not complicated, it is mainly purified water after treatment, and some nutrients, skin care, moisturizing and other ingredients are added, such as aloe vera, chamomile, VE, green tea and so on. In fact, most of these things are the concept of the business, not to say that with these ingredients baby skin will be tender. These ingredients are just for the comfort of the buyer.

2. baby wipes should not contain alcohol, essence and other ingredients, the baby's skin has stimulation.

3. antibacterial, the author think or ignore it. Many mothers think that with antibacterial, they can help prevent the baby's red butt. In fact, there are many reasons for the formation of red PP, not antibacterial wipes will certainly be able to prevent, but some auxiliary effects.

4. allergic constitution can choose to include chamomile Some wipes contain chamomile, a plant native to Britain. It's important to note that chamomile's main role is to fight allergies, not fight bacteria.


If it must be classified, the above four aspects can be said to be wet wipes liquid ingredients to pay attention to matters. Next, what should be paid attention to when buying non-woven fabric materials used in wet wipes?


Part 2: Non-woven fabrics

1. The raw material of baby wipes should be spunlaced non-woven cloth, which refers to a non-woven cloth forming process.

2. The higher the glue content, the better, which is true. The main components of spunbic nonwoven fabrics used in baby wipes are adhesive (natural fiber based on cotton) and polyester (chemical fiber). Usually, there are 3:7 ratio, 5:5 ratio and 7:3 ratio, which refers to the content ratio of adhesive and polyester. 3:7 ratio refers to the proportion of adhesive in which 30% polyester takes up 70% polyester. 7:3 ratio is to point to glue to take 70%, dacron to take 30% namely, glue content is higher of course the quality is better also, cost, price is higher also. Additional, glue content is higher, towel body is softer, absorb water and hold water ability to also be better, of baby wet towel 5:5 ratio basically pretty good, feel and bibulous rate also can.

3. The thicker the wipes, the better. Thickness: the thickness of non-woven fabrics is expressed by GM2, which refers to the weight per square meter. Generally speaking, 50g non-woven cloth means that the weight per square meter is 50g. The wet wipes are of course thicker, but the non-woven fabrics for baby wipes are mostly between 40g and 60g. It is not recommended for mothers to use baby wipes made from 40g or less non-woven materials, most of which are produced by some small factories. The overall quality is not satisfactory, and hygiene is also a concern. The 50G non-woven fabric is the choice of most mothers. It is not high-end, but the cost performance is usually good.

4. Pattern is not the element that determines quality. Most wipes are plain, and some brands use non-woven fabrics with special patterns. The wet towel that has decorative pattern is good on the vision and feel, nevertheless the judgement of integral quality goes judging according to a few elements that speak in front even, the product that is not decorative pattern is good certainly.


Part 3: Outer packing

Besides the inside of the wipes, the outer packing of the wipes is also very important.

1. Try not to use products with too long production date. The shelf life of wipes is usually more than a year and a half, and many mothers, when shopping for bargains on sale, buy large stocks. Unless you're using them up quickly, like a newborn baby's 10 packs of wipes run out in less than two months, it's not recommended to do so, especially if they're stored for more than six months.

2. Pay attention to the label on the package. A qualified wipes should have these information in the package: manufacturer information, main ingredients, hygiene license number, hygiene standard number, production date, shelf life and other contents. The products of regular manufacturers should be marked completely.

Summary: wet wipes, is not on the market is a regular product, any one of the goods have secrets, but how to find the specific will see you treasure mom treasure dad's ability, the author has said a lot, not redundant. In the end, we must go to a big shopping platform to buy, this is the best way to avoid fake goods.

Parenting expert Cui Yutao was quoted as the end of the sentence: "The skin of young children is relatively delicate, and the liquid in general wet wipes contains chemicals, which may irritate their skin and may break the protective barrier of the skin. Long-term use of wet wipes is not recommended."

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